Whole Cattle (Cambodia)


This option is for the ordering of a whole cattle. It can be ordered for one person, or up to seven persons.

Perdaus accepts only Qurban and NOT ‘Aqiqah for our cattle in Cambodia.

Stock is limited. Deadline for ordering Cambodian cattle is on 28 July 2020, or until stock finishes.

This is our fourth year offering cattle in Cambodia for Qurban, alhamdulillah. Perdaus is proud to be partnering with IDEA Cambodia again this year to provide affordable cattle for Qurban. The cattle will be slaughtered in several different Muslim villages in Cambodia during the days of Tashriq. The meat will then be distributed to poor and needy villagers.

You are encouraged to follow our Facebook page for updates on the ‘ibadah being performed. You will also receive a certificate of Qurban approximately a month after Aidil Adha.

Part of the proceeds from the Perdaus Qurban/’Aqiqah project will be channeled to da’wah efforts and humanitarian work for our youth development programmes.

Instructions for ordering:

  1. Please insert the name of the person for the ‘Ibadah in the text field below. One person’s name per portion only. (If you have 7 different names, please type them in a numbered list).
  2. Click Add to Cart to make your order.
  3. Click View Cart or the shopping cart icon to proceed to the payment page.

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